Custom Landscaping Construction Services for Central Oregon

Source Landscaping, Inc. has concentrated the majority of its efforts on residential and commercial landscaping with an emphasis on larger multi-unit condos and apartment complexes. Our client base includes townhomes, car dealerships, commercial properties. Over the years we have developed strong ties with real estate companies, management companies and home owners associations.

We accredit our success based on professionalism and outstanding communication with our clients. We believe it is a privilege to live in Central Oregon, and feel accountable to maintaining its value and beauty. We do our best to use our natural resources in an environmentally responsible manner. Even when in the majority of our accounts where we use pesticides and chemical fertilizers, our approach is always cultural practice before chemical intervention. A properly managed property contributes to the value, beauty, and usefulness of your residence or business. Should you have any concerns arise with your landscaping, we listen closely and respond fast.

Most people who live in Central Oregon lead busy lives and prefer to spend their time enjoying their landscapes rather than maintaining them. Allow our trained and professional crew members to help meet the goals of your property, whether it’s to maintain it’s beauty or to simply maintain their valuable asset.

Paver Walkways

Living Spaces

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Fire Pits

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